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About us

Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. offers a wide range of health products full of nutritional and vital compositions for healthy and productive life....

About us

A healthy and well balanced diet is the essence of living in an age where people are moving ahead at a jet speed. It has become very much imperative to include vital nutrients in daily diet in order to remain healthy and energetic. As a leading brand in the concerned market, Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. has taken the initiatives to provide you with all these vital ingredients which are a part of healthy living. We are an acclaimed manufacturer and exporter of a variety of Health Drinks, Protein Supplements, Energy Drinks, Food Supplements for Diabetics, Whey Protein Concentrates, Multi-Vitamin Powder, etc. All these products contain high level of protein, vitamins and various amino acids. The food supplements are prepared in a way that they are suitable even for the people suffering from Diabetes.

Since we are in a field where health is the main area of concern, we cross check to be sure that all our products are the best and safe in terms of quality. The rates of these products are within the budgets of middle class people. We ascertain that the related orders are always delivered on time, thereby leading to complete customer satisfaction. Being committed to keep our customers in the pink of health, Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. gives keen attention to their feedback and suggestions, trying to incorporate the same and improve the quality of our products. The popularity of our products has given us a brand goodwill in the market with the result that we export them all across the globe.

Our Vision

With a vision to be the market leader in our arena, we, at Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD., work diligently to increase our productivity and efficiency. We are now planning to import quality raw materials from so as overseas markets to reduce the cost of our products and broaden our international prospects. Our company is solely aimed at delivering new and quality products to our customers to strengthen our image in the domestic as well as global market.

One of our most valuable assets is the group of skilled engineers and workers who work in our production plant, They are the backbone of our institution and provide the most needed skills to enable us to produce superior products. We also take pride in our R& D team who constantly strive to bring the latest technologies to use in our products.

Product Range

Since its establishment in 2000, Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. has taken the initiative to produce a wide range of products for the benefit of its customers. We are a reputed manufacturer and exporter of the following products:

  •   Health Drinks

  •   Protein Supplements

  •   Energy Drinks

  •   Food Supplements for Diabetics

  •   Whey Protein Concentrates

  •   Multi-Vitamin Powder

  •   Protein Supplement Syrup

Quality Assurance

Quality at Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. is of paramount importance. All our products go through stringent quality checking mechanism. We have a team of quality supervisors who sincerely check the quality and ensure that only safe and flawless quality health drinks, food supplements and other related products are manufactured. Our testing laboratories are equipped with the latest testing machines where each product is tested for quality and efficiency. The whole procedure is in complete accordance with the international standards, and this is the reason why our valued clients have always opted for our products time and again.


The state of the art infrastructure is another USP of Dixon HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. which provides us an additional edge over other competitors in the market. We have installed the latest machines at our unit to run our production process which is handled by a well managed workforce exhibiting utmost efficiency and sincerity. The employed professionals include scientists, pharmacists, and people from the field of bio-technology; who are experts in the field of protein chemistry and ensure that correct amount of ingredients are mixed in the preparation of the products. All the machines are operated in a clean and hygienic environment in order to prevent any kind of contamination in the products.
The products are packed efficiently along with the manufacturing and expiry dates being clearly mentioned on the labels so as to avoid any confusion. Our Research and Development department is lashed with all the modern equipments needed to test any new product. It has developed various kinds of research programmes to make improvisation in the service standards.