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When do kids need protein supplements?

Pediatric Nutritions

Pediatric Nutritions


When do kids need protein supplements? So often, this can can really help a child out. Several circumstances can drop a child’s protein intake so that they falter, grow weakly, get sick too often, or just can’t function to potential. Functioning to potential means they can grow as expected (they don’t drop more than fifteen percentile points on a growth chart for weight or height). It also means they can do important things like sleep well, play energetically, behave in age appropriate ways, pay attention and focus appropriately for age, handily fight off usual infections, have few infections, and have fun. If your kid struggles in any of these areas more than you think is their “normal”, or if you just have a hunch something is off kilter, the right protein support may make a huge difference. Check this list of reasons to consider supplemental protein powders. Does your toddler, child, or teen fit any of these?

…Refuses protein-rich foods due to texture aversions (gags or vomits or spits out meats, eggs, ground meats, mixed dishes like chili or stews with meats)
…Has a picky appetite, tends to eat only dairy for protein, or only wheat (bagels, pasta, bread, pizza, crackers)
…Has food allergies, sensitivities, or any reactions that limit access to proteins (can’t eat dairy, egg, nuts, gluten, etc)
…Has a history of growth failure or slow growth pattern, is shorter than expected, or has been called “just small” by your doctors
…Has anxiety, poor sleep, night terrors, frequent waking, mood disorders, or conduct disorders
…Lost a school placement due to disruptive behavior
…Gets colds, bugs, sniffy nose often, and takes longer than siblings or friends to shake it off
…Has hair that looks thin or dull, or nails that crack and peel easily
…Cuts seem to heal more slowly than usual
The right protein support can shift all of these problems, sometimes in itself. Other cases may need total nutrition overhaul (such as kids who have low protein, poor total intake, and are deep into an oppositional, aggressive, or ADHD pattern). But starting with strong protein can get your child feeling better. Here’s some ideas.

  • Available Products : Range

  • B-Complex with Zinc + L-lysine : Cap/Syp

  • Multivitamin : Cap/Syp/Powder

  • Antioxidants : Cap/Syp

  • Folic Acid : Cap

  • Colustrum 500mg : Cap

  • Calcium + Vit D3 + Minerals + Isoflavones 50 mg : Tab

  • Protein Powder with Colustrum : Powder

  • Height Grow : Powder

  • Weight Gain : Powder

  • Appetite increaser : Cap/Tab/ Powder/Syp

  • Omega -3 (Fishoil ) : Syp