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Pregnancy Lactation

Pregnancy Lactation

Why additional diet is required during pregnancy and lactation?

Pregnancy is a demanding physiological state. In India, it is observed that diets of women from the low socioeconomic groups are essentially similar during pre-pregnant, pregnant and lactating periods. Consequently, there is widespread maternal malnutrition leading to high prevalence of low birth weight infants and very high maternal mortality. Additional foods are required to improve pregnancy weight gain and birth weight of infants. Pre-pregnant body mass index (BMI), maternal age and rate of pregnancy weight gain must be considered in tailoring the calorie recommendation to the pregnant women

  • Available Products : Range

  • Multivitamin / Antioxidants - Cap/Syp

  • Antioxidant Vitamin A,E,C - Cap/Syp/Powder

  • Spirulina - Cap/Powder

  • Ferrous Ascorbate + Folic - Cap/Tab

  • Shatavari - Powder/Cap

  • DHA + EPA - Syp

  • Folic Acid - Cap

  • Folic Acid with Vitamins - Cap

  • Protein + EPA+DHA+GLA - Powder

  • Protein + galactogogues - Powder/ Tab