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Critical care nutrition

Critical care nutrition

Critical care nutrition

Critically ill patients have complex nutritional needs and require intensive nutritional input. As part of the metabolic response to injury, resting energy expenditure may be raised, leading to extensive catabolism, hyperglycaemia, progressive lean body mass loss, changes in serum trace element levels, fluid retention, and reduced synthesis of visceral proteins such as albumin. Contributing to poorer outcome is the previously reported high prevalence of malnutrition (40%) in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients .

    Catabolism combined with malnutrition can lead to several unwanted clinical sequelae:

  • Impaired wound healing.

  • Impaired immune response.

  • Impaired coagulation capacity.

  • Impaired gut function.

  • Muscle wasting.

  • Reduced respiratory muscle function.

  • Evidence suggests that nutrition support can slow catabolism in ICU patients .

This can improve patient outcome and reduce subsequent duration of recovery, thereby leading to a reduced length of hospital stay and reduced overall hospital costs. A number of studies have shown that survival from intensive care was improved with better nutritional adequacy and with the use of evidence based nutrition support guidelines. The overall goal of feeding ICU patients is to provide nutrition support to those who need it, consistent with their medical condition, nutritional status, metabolic capability and available route of administration.

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